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Removing Solar Nails at Home

March 28, 2012

removing solar nails at home Removing Solar Nails at Home

You have received a Solar Nails Manicure and are now ready to have it removed and you want to remove them at home.

Removing Solar Nails at Home

The first thing that we would recommend when it comes to removing Solar Nails at home is not to do it unless you are professionally trained.


Solar Nails are an upgraded product of Acrylic Nails. Acrylic Nails and Solar Nails both use a adhesive product that makes the fake nail bond to the natural nail. This is the reason that these nails stay on so well and are difficult to remove. Many women try to pick and pull at their fake nails in order to remove them and eventually what happens is that they damage their natural nails very badly.

Still Want To Remove Your Solar Nails at Home?

Well, if we can’t convince you to return to the salon in order to properly remove your fake nails, then here are some tips and guides to removing them yourself.


  • If your nails have extensions, then clip them off with a nail clipper.
  • Use a nail file to file the outer coating of the solar nails.
  • Place a soaked cotton ball on each nail and wrap in acetone. This should take 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Gently peel off the solar nails. If they are not coming off easily, then re-wrap nails with acetone soaked cotton ball for more time
  • You do not want to damage your nails while removing solar nails.
  • After the Solar Nails have been removed make sure to clean nails and hands of all acetone residue.
  • If any nail glue remains on your nails, then you should gently buff the nails to rid them of all Solar Nail glue.
  • Use Solar Oil for nails in order to help your nails stay moist and healthy.

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