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How To Do Solar Nails

February 16, 2012

Solar Nails Tutorial

If you are a nail technician or a DIY home nail tech, then you are going to want to know how to do Solar Nails. You may not know it but you probably already know how to do Solar Nails.

The Solar Nails application process is identical to applying acrylic nails.

Steps To Apply Solar Nails

If you are wanting to apply tips, then first apply tips to the nail. The steps below would be started after tips have been applied.

how to do solar nails How To Do Solar Nails

Step 1: Place a small amount of nail primer to each of the nails and smooth it out on the nail. Make sure that you do not get any nail primer on the cuticles.

Step 2: Let the nail primer dry for 30 – 60 seconds.

Step 3: Apply second layer of nail primer. After the second layer has been applied allow to dry for two minutes.

Step 4: Pour Solar Nail liquid into a small glass container.

Step 5: Dip your nail brush into the Solar Nail liquid. Make sure you wipe the excess liquid off the nail brush.

Step 6: Dip your nail brush into the Solar Nail Powder. Move the brush into a circular motion across the powder until a small ball appears.

Step 7: Split your nail into three sections. The free edge, the seam line, and the nail bed. Apply the Solar Nails’ products to each section seperately.

Step 8: Blend each section together as you apply the Solar Nails.

Step 9: Buff and shape the nail with a buffer.

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